Wizkid and Lil Kesh: Who is More Handsome?

Wizkid and Lil Kesh: Who is More Handsome?

Who is more handsome between Wizkid and Lil Kesh? Wizkid and Lil Kesh have got girls cheating on their boyfriends just to please them.

They've had fans faint on stage just to TOUCH them and most importantly, they're super cute, every girl would want to take one selfie of life with them at any cost.

Yet we have a question here, juxtaposing the looks and styles of these singers will go a long way in determining.

Who Looks Better and more handsome! Like people would say "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", right? Different people with their different views and definitions of what looking means literally and in my opinion, both Wizkid and Lil Kesh are cute! But who's cuter?

Wizkid's 5 Best Looks: 

Wizkid is pretty popular globally (you and I know that) and he's quite cute. He's dated several beautiful girls, from his babymama; Sola Ogudugu to Justine Skye, he's the ladies' man. Still young and blossoming, Wizkid is a fashionista who dazzles in style and money.

Lil Kesh's 5 Best Looks: 

Lil Kesh is the boss at YAGI and an irresistibly cute young man. With millions of fans across Africa, Lil Kesh has bagged a number of worthy awards and gotten nominations for notable awards. He's smart, young, stylish, sharp and handsome in his own way!

Well, who's more handsome between Wizkid and Lil Kesh?