Why You Should Stop Content Theft + 3 Blogging Tips for Copy & Paste Bloggers

Why You Should Stop Content Theft + 3 Blogging Tips for Copy & Paste Bloggers

Cracking up ideas for posts every single day isn't easy. For those who do it are also bloggers who face blogger's block and mental blackout from running out on ideas.

Not long ago, I found out people actually copy posts from this blog like it's theirs and they do it with no acknowledgement nor a simple mention at all and that's against the rules of professional blogging.

While it's easy for me to write original blog posts on this blog, it's not anybody's for the taking. Copying a few lines is somewhat pardonable as I understand it's just part of sourcing detailed information from this blog, but, copying word for word an entire article is not it at all.

Nigerian bloggers are lazy. True. Bigger blogs are stylishly stepping on the smaller blogs to seize the little traffic they accrue. It's an act of greediness by these bigger blogs, and that's why bloggers with new blogs must strive to achieve originality and quality.

I'm everybody's fan, and here's what original content pieces on your blog will do for you:

#1: Higher Domain Authority 

The domain authority of a blog in my experience is determined by the amount of quality backlinks a blog has pointing to it, and the amount of QUALITY content on the blog. Now these two factors are alternate.

They both work together as you need quality content on your blog to earn backlinks. If you've got no quality content on your blog, earning backlinks will not be too possible.

You'll have to build your own backlinks yourself because there's no quality or originally crafted post or posts on your blog.

Blogging Tip #1: Keep the frequency of blog post publishing up on your blog to increase activity rate and therefore, index rate. This will definitely lead to increase in Domain authority for you, and Wow! You'll become an authority blogger in no time.

#2: Higher MozTrust 

Moz, an international marketing company actually developed the widely acceptable and dependable metrics in use by Google to rank websites and determine the value of websites. They also developed MozTrust, which in the most definitive case, is how much Google trusts your website.

Having a ton of original posts on your blog, and links from quality, yet trusted websites will boost your MozTrust. This metric is also in use by Google to rank websites high on the search engine result pages.

Blogging Tip #2: Let it be an habit, a part of you to crack up posts that answer peoples questions. Not all long posts are quality posts. Long posts with typo errors and unrelated terms and headlines aren't quality after all. Create good posts that actually speak and relate to your audience and are practicable.

#3: Respect and Audience Trust

As a blogger, you'll gain respect naturally when everything on your blog is original. You'll be appreciated for starting up your blog and pumping out unique, helpful contents. At least, you'll be very much motivated by these appreciations.

Blogging Tip #3: Respect is reciprocal. Create diehard meaty content with facts and make sure you're not using unverified details or facts in your posts. This way, your audience will appreciate and respect your voice.

While it's easy but less glorifying to copy and paste blog articles, do it wisely and infrequently so you don't lose your AdSense account and get hit by Google panda algorithm.

I'm taking a space to apologize to a few authors whom I've reacted harshly to upon copying articles from this blog without acknowledgement.

Blogging is taking a new face, and it is the bloggers of this age changing the entire face of blogging, giving it a very professional outlook and glamour.