Who is the Best Comedian in Nigeria? (Top 5)

The best comedians in Nigeria

Comedians are people who make others laugh for a living. That's their job, they work hard to appear more funny and earn more money by becoming more funny, skillful on stage, organized and demanding. In Nigeria, there are thousands of comedians.

So are popular hilariously, a lot are less popular and known, thousands are yet unknown. The fact is, coming up with a name from the hundreds of thousands of comedians on the in Nigeria would purely be biased.

In this case we picked 5 comedians who are deserving. At least a good try, you'll be able to get a tip from the list and decide who's best in your view.

In no order of preference, here's the top 5 most deserving comedians who are deemed best, but are up to you to decide in specific who's best:

#1: Basketmouth

Who is the best comedian in nigeria

The comedian who was once paid N800 naira to perform at a show in 2008 has grown to become one of the best comedians.

Basketmouth a professional comedian and does his jokes with either broken English of correct spoken English, depending on the atmosphere and what sponsors want.

He's also a businessperson and has travelled to several countries just to make people laugh.

#2: Ali Baba

Who is the best comedian in nigeria

Ali Baba is a grand comedian, regarded as the father of standup comedy in Nigeria. He's raised a lot of comedians and still has others he mentors. Though aging fast, he's not rusty as what he does.

He in fact graces topnotch events and is the choice for many politicians in the country. He's called upon to anchor political events and highly organized concerts.

#3: Ayo Makun

Who is the best comedian in nigeria

Ayo Makun has made it possible for other big time comedians now like Akpororo, Kenny Blaq and Seyi law to see limelight.

He is one of Nigeria's most creative and enterprising comedians. He's also the funny type and has ventured into comic movie acting.

Ayo Makun is one of the best comedians in Nigeria. Kuddos to him for creating a platform for the best upcoming comedians lurking in the dark to see headlight.

#4: I Go Dye

Who is the best comedian in nigeria

An accurate businessperson and comedian at same time. He's one of the oldest in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

I Go Dye is a first-class comedian and he finds time to comically express himself and emphasize on current happenings and unusual things people do everyday. He's one of the best comedians in Nigeria and he's on the list for the voting.

#5: Bovi

Who is the best comedian in nigeria

Probably the hottest in the industry alongside other comedians like Akpororo and Kenny Blaq. Bovi is the best for millions of Nigerians and to many people we've asked, though other comedians were picked, Bovi was at top tag.

He is a very intelligent and naturally looking person who's looks and vocal pitches are just funny enough. Bovi would be on the list of deserving best comedians in Nigeria if we rewrote the list a million times.