Top 10 Nigerian Music Blogs 2018 | Top Music Blogs in Nigeria

Top 10 Music Blogs in Nigeria

Here's an exclusive list of the top 10 Nigerian music blogs These blogs according to and are the most visited blogs and have the largest database for Nigerian songs, and other foreign songs too.

The blogs have been arranged in order of preference, from the most visited to the least visited, which also receives hundreds of thousands of hits per month. Here's our list of the top 10 Nigerian music blogs without much talk:


Notjustok is one of the most popular Nigerian music platforms. It gets millions of page views per day and over 300,000 visits daily. The blog has been around for quite a long time now and is now the most visited of all music blogs tailored to the Nigeria audience.

Posts on this blog are republished on hundreds kf other music blogs in Nigeria. They feature the most recent songs by artistes and also have the songs by upcoming stars.

Notjustok has a very huge audience base as surfers run online to the blog in search for the latest of songs. It's also an engaging blog with users interacting below each posts, dropping feedbacks and views.

It's now an authority music blog in Nigeria. If your song is featured on Notjustok and it's a good song, in no time, it'll be aired in different street corners and soon on the traditional media.

Notjustok ranks higher than most blogs when a music title is searched or on Google and other search engines. This gives it the ability to frequently steal hits directly from the search engines.


Following Notjustok is the prestigious Tooxclusive which is truly too exclusive. The blog features latest songs by both gospel and secular musicians.

Tooxclusive is a topnotch blog authored by a Nigerian and tailored to Nigerians. Updates relating to celebrities and music are also featured on this blog.

It has a couple of sections to enhance user experience, friendliness and accommodate more posts. The blog is updated more than the first blog, and they publish posts just almost immediately. It is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and highly trafficked with millions of views per month.


360nobs is an interesting blog created by Noble Igwe; one of the most enterprising and amazing bloggers in Nigeria. It is focused on creating interesting articles around latest songs, music videos, gists, gossips and other really fun topics revolving music.

360nobs was created in 2010, and has since grown to become one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria, and a very popular music platform for expressing and showcasing the works of both legendary and upcoming acts.

It is updated frequently, has a great design which can be classed as "professional", and is equally highly trafficked with millions of views monthly.

With feedbacks we've received from asking random quations about this blog, we can deduce that 360nobs and its TV is given more preference over other entertainment blogs and TV channels specially broadcasting to Nigerians.


Jaguda is one of the most visited and most popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria. It spans over celebrity stories, gossips, national and global news, listicles and most importantly, Music.

Jaguda is an authority blog when it comes to entertainment in general. People just can't wait to see what's on Jaguda every morning and users often stumble upon their quality listicles of richest musicians in Nigeria and more.

It is the #4 on this list not by mistake, but because Jaguda is a multimillion naira worth blog and music platform which makes it possible for upcoming acts to put their stuff out there.


This blog is the newest on the list. It has gathered thousands of most played and popular Nigerian songs within a very short timespan.

Through consistency, Naijabambam has given other music blogs a tough time ranking all the time for the latest and hottest songs. The blog is a beautifully and professionally designed music platform which frequently updates its database with the most recent music audio, video releases and music centred content.

While it's not always easy to beat down Nigerian blogs like Notjustok on search pages, Naijabambam does it magically, but not magically enough to be the #1 on the list.


An amazing and beautifully designed blog dedicated to the provision of the best collection of Nigerian songs. Tayotv has been around for a long time, for as long as Naijaloaded and 360nobs have.

It is a very popular Nigerian music download platform, mobile friendly, easily navigable and is a top 10 music blog in Nigeria.


Naijaloaded is one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria after Nairaland, Naij and Lindaikejisblog. The blog was known formerly as a forum where users where allowed to create their own posts (which eventually ranks high for search terms on Google).

Soon after, it became an all-music download portal, and suddenly, it changed theme and became one of the biggest entertainment blogs in Nigeria, founded by a Nigerian blogger named Makinde Azeez. Makinde Azeez is currently one of the top earning bloggers in Nigeria.

It is one of the best online spaces to get and download the latest Nigerian songs and is one of the top 10 music blogs in Nigeria.

8. is one of the most updated music blogs in Nigeria. It is uniform, current, easy to navigate through and has thousands of songs in its database. publishes over 20 new updates on a daily basis and this makes it one of the most visited music blogs and one of the top 10 music blogs in Nigeria debuting as the 8th. Naijaextra gives more and more than one can possibly download and get in a day.

9. is an online music platform strictly focused on updating its database with the latest Nigerian songs. It is well built, designed and receives most of its traffic from the motherweb, Google. Mp3bullet is a top 10 music blogs in Nigeria as its articles are well crafted to convince users to download and navigation is easy.

Truly, one can easily tell how very well visited the blog is as it pumps up for almost every popular and latest Nigerian song searched online for download. It is one of the top 10 music blogs in Nigeria, entering the list as the 9th.

10. is a dedicated music-based blog which produces content suited for Nigerians. The blog is frequently updated with the most recent songs (gospel and secular), music lyrics, profiles of musicians and different genres of music.

It makes it really easy for people to download the latest songs on the internet with just a click. It is visited thousands of times on a daily basis and gets hundreds of thousands of views monthly. It is one of the top 10 music blogs in Nigeria.

Other music blogs expected to appear soonest on this list are:

3. Latest Rap Songs


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