Top 10 Highlife Gospel Praise Songs Commonly Sung in Nigerian Churches

Top 10 Highlife Gospel Praise Songs Commonly Sang in Nigerian Churches

With hundreds of praise songs sung in the Nigerian churches, we have a couple of them that are frequently sung and chorused with full boldness in Churches. They are sometimes called "Calypso" or "Makosa" songs.

These are songs that we hear everyday in the Nigerian Churches and are very popular in the lips of lead soloist and vocalists. See the top 10 highlife gospel praise songs commonly sung in Nigerian Churches:

1. Double Double 

By Uche (a Nigerian praise leader and soloist in South Africa), the song is a part of Joyous Celebration's praise songs arsenal. Over the years, this song has become a normal praise piece in churches and is easily memorized.

2. Jehova You're the Most High 

Often times, the first "Jehovah" is echoed by the lead singer or praise leader and the feedback "You are the most high" by the congregation and backup choristers

3. Joyous Celebration 

Quite popular and internationall as it originates from the Joyous Celebration team headed by Uche. The team is a praise team that has gone to minister in several mega programs and events in several countries. Joyous Celebration is stylishly raised by the lead soloist and somehow has got the groovy tone to it.

4. At the Mention of Your Name 

This song goes like this; "At the mention of your name, every kneel shall bow, at the mention of your name, every tongue confess" - you already know this one as a song which has been sung through in churches from the early birth of Christianity in Nigeria

5. My Helper 

You know this song. It's amplified and chorused thus "There is something that makes me come into your presence, My Helper". Remember? Yeah this song is definitely a must-sing for praise soloists.

6. We Go Dey Hail 

This song was originally sang by Eben, but somehow, it has been sung in a rhythmical pattern that triggers and demands groovy moves. You'll see people lifting chairs abouvr their heads when this song is raised. #

7. You Are Worthy 

This one's always going to be on the list of popular Nigerian praise songs. It's sung like "You're worthy, worthy of my praise, You're the most high, You're worthy". It's simple, responsive and smart. The message it delivers is simple; showcasing God as being worthy of what any man can give.

8. Day Of Joy 

Often a starting song. "This is the day of joy, the day of joy *2, this is the day, the day of joy that the Lord had made". It's one of the most raised songs in Churches and it is sung usually at the start of the praise session.

9. Glory Be to the Lord 

This song is also a very common song raised in churches, maybe the most popular of all. It's also sung at the beginning of a praise session and will probably lead to more energetic songs.

10. Have You Heard What the Lord Has Done? 

"Have you heard what the lord has done? He has destroyed the works of satan". The song is now a praise anthem that gets the congregation involved in actively lifting up their voices to sing.