Price of Cement in Nigeria Today

Price of Cement in Nigeria Today

The Price of cement in Nigeria today varies due to the variety of cement producers available. The prices of each manufacturer also isn't balance due to the economic hiccups.

Cement prior to this time was sold for N1,800 to N2,250 naira. Currently, the price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria today has risen to N2,700 naira.

Other prices of cement from other producers range from N2,700 to N3,000 naira. In some states, a bag of cement may be sold for as much as N3,000 naira and other states like Benin and Ibadan, N2,700 naira.

Just like we have cement producers, we have the middlemen and the final consumers (the buyers). The Price of cement in Nigeria today 2017 ultimately depends on the middlemen who sell to the us directly from local stores and roadside containers.

It also depends in the kind of cement you want as different cement manufacturers adjust their prices regularly to remain in business and gain profit.