How to Become a Successful Yahoo Boy: Yahoo Boys Orientation

How to do Yahoo and make money

Want to know how it's possible to earn slightly below or over N100 million naira annually from being a Yahoo Boy? I'll tell you for sure how you can do Yahoo and make money in this yahoo boys orientation.

Yahoo is a thing you must have known exist as a career nowadays amongst youths, especially in Nigeria, that's why you're reading this title. Everything is easy only if you've got enough determination to score your goals.

How do you become a successful fresh fine yahoo boy like those guys riding Range Rover Sports and Lexus along the streets? It's pretty simple if you think so. Here's 6 things you must do to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria:

#1: Get a PC 

It's the first thing you must do as it demands you need to steadily have your system and privacy.

Sharing a PC with a friend won't guarantee much success, or would it? Just a tip to success, you must have your personal computer by your side to become a successful Yahoo boy in Nigeria or anywhere else.

#2: Get Your Modem 

Without this, it'll be pretty difficult for you to be steadily online even if you've got a hundred PCs. A modem allows you connect to the internet through enabling the means to subscribe to different data plans, depending and varying on the network operator you choose to use.

It's also very important to share connections and gain access to different apps online. A modem isn't expensive, it'll cost you a bit lesser than N10,000 naira to purchase.

#3: Opt for a Subscription Plan 

Depending on what network operator you decide to use on your modem, subscription plans vary. The available network operators in Nigeria include Smile (for advance devices like Tablets and PCs), Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile (formerly Etisalat).

The various networks offer different plans from daily subscription plans to monthly, and as a yahoo boy, monthly plans are usually the best plans for the business. It is noteworthy that PC subscription varies greatly from mobile subscription.

You'll have to spend a little more expensive when planning for a PC subscription. Well, you have not too many options as you have to spend to earn.

#4: Get Formats 

Formats are mainly skills. These skills are deceptive methods to convince users online so as to earn. In the simplest of terms, they're tricks played to pull in money.

The formats gathered on other entertainment blogs like Naij include pretending to be a wealthy American soldier in Afghanistan, online dating with online users and also, pretending to be a loan organization who lend cash to people online.

Generally, formats are meant to make people believe you enough so as to entrust amounts of money to you.

#5: Practice 

Success doesn't come in a night, It is built gradually. The key to becoming a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria or anywhere else lies in your hands. Practice makes perfect, the more you do what you do, the more progress you'll make.

This is a general rule and it applies to everything. Where one thing doesn't work, try another and stay consistent at it.

#6: Go Abroad 

The most notable and rich yahoo boys in Nigeria today are the ones who while in Nigeria, gathered what they could and travelled out.

It doesn't really mean you can't do whatever you want and not be successful in Nigeria, it means there are quicker chances in making it big outside the country where you won't be rejected even before you start.

Neighbouring countries are abroad, it doesn't tell you to go outside the continent, no, not necessarily.

Truth That Stands 

The country is killing a lot of youths and even the old are dying earlier than they're supposed to. People are crying and dying more than being born everyday in the country. The feeling of frustration is what drives the youth strength in Nigeria to being yahoo boys.

Though all blames cannot be put on the Nigerian government first, but certainly, the Nigerian government is the head of th nation, and it's faulty.

Boys are growing older, they'll get married soon, there's no work, they have dreams and everything isn't going to sleep dead in the gutter hopelessness, thus, resorting to yahoo.

In the midst of all this, it is possible to build a multimillion dollar enterprise in Nigeria without venturing yahoo.

All you need to be is smart enough to spot areas of scarcity, then leverage it by adding value and filling the gap. The government isn't entirely our problem, it's laziness eating up the Nigerian youths.


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