How to Become Richer Than MIKEL OBI in 31 Days!!

Mikel obi wealth and source

Mikel Obi has made name and fortune for himself so much in the Nigeria "football industry" that he's even richer than most Nigerian singers, and wealthy enough to buy a multimillion dollar mansion in London.

Yes. It's also no news he's the richest footballer in Nigeria now, earning £140,000 pounds with Tianjin TEDA; a new Chinese club.

The young Nigerian footballer is indeed balling in so much cash, but there's a good news! You can be richer!


Well there's a lot to take in and I know you're so earger right now to know how one's gonna be richer than the ultimate Mikel Obi!

Where has this answer been buried?

How's it possible?

How can this be?

I'm not a magician who's gonna turn your situations around in 31 days and make you a naira billionaire, but here are 3 things anyone can do to become richer than Mikel Obi in 31 DAYS!...

#1: Blood Money Rituals

While I'm making this the first on this list, it's very possible to become five times as wealthy as Mikel Obi with this (I'm not mentioning it again).

We have tons of guys now below 30 who have made millions of dollars from "adding hands to their hands" - it's a slang that's in use to describe the above.

Blood Money ritualists are making so much money enough to buy streets and lanes in the United States. Not encouraging anyone to do this though, but if you desperately want to be richer than Mikel Obi, there are more like this you could do.

#2: Politics

Politicians are billionaires. It's the truth in my country, Nigeria, and this is because of the high rate of corruption and corrupt practises.

Delving into politics is a sure solution to making it big and bigger than Mikel will ever make. This means you'll be opportuned ans lucky enough to pocket less than 1% of hundreds of trillions reserved for the nation.

Funds allocated to the states in Nigeria are allocated to the politicians pocket and if you're sharp enough as a politician, you'll be making your first billion after a few months of actively being a top level politician.

#3: Yahoo

This doesn't relate to the search engine, No, the Yahoo I mean in this context is also known as internet scam. It's what people do nowadays.

Over 70% of the Nigerian youth strength today are in this "scam business". It makes sense, it's where the leaders have kept them. Yahoo boys are making more boys do anything for money.

They live lavish lifestyles, spend millions at nightclubs on drinks alone, shade musicians, purchase private jets at a very young age? Tell me why you wouldn't have second thoughts about staying pure.

Now you can really be as rich, or even richer than Mikel Obi by being a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria, and depending on the level of Yahoo you indulge yourself.

Mikel Obi has come a long way in his career, and if you think you can be as rich as he is or even richer? You still can, but, working smart and hard will serve you better.