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Freke Umoh history

Freke Umoh's Biography 

Freke Umoh is a Nigerian gospel musician and songwriter known for his prophetic and soul-saving praise and worship sessions. Freke is unique and he is one of the gospel singers chosen and called to proclaim the name of God on earth.

He is of the tribe of Calabar and he is a native of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Freke sings in his native dialect, English and he sings songs in other Nigerian languages.

He has also ministered in worship songs by other countries in Africa where he is invited. According to BelieversPortal, Freke Umoh has a very high sense of humour and honest personality that's obvious from his humble appearance.

Freke Umoh by God's grace on his life has risen to the point where he can be compared with other gospel musicians like Preye Odede, Samsong, Eben, Sinach and Steve Crown.

By vocals, he isn't the best, but by miracles and transformations that occurs alongside his ministrations, Freke is rising up to be a topnotch gospel musician in Nigeria. He's keen and gentle, openhearted to God and has a passion and a craving to worship.

Just in a few years of becoming quite famous as a gospel minister, Freke Umoh has ministered on same platform with other musician in the gospel realm like Micah Stampley, Ron Kenoly, Sammie Okposo, Bob Fitts, Akpororo, Chevelle Franklin, and a host of other popular gospel singers.

Freke Umoh has also traveled to nations like Kenya, Ghana and has travelled also to several States in Nigeria like Abuja and Lagos to minister. Freke has released several singles which has gone a long way in transforming the lives of many listeners.

His songs include "By His Grace", "Altar", "Better Dey Follow Me", "More Than", "Nothing Spoil", "Open Heavens", "Chukwu Nonso", "No More Delay", "Abasi Mmi", "Dream Again", "Ithroway", "Mary's Lamb", "Ibaha", "Desperate for You", and the most recent titled "Mungu Wangu".

Freke Umoh started out with singing as a teenager in his Church in Lagos State, Nigeria. From there, he started getting invitations to minister at national events and conferences. He also got invitations to minister in major church programmes.

From signing at national events, programmes, and concerts, he started travelling abroad to minister at mega concerts and worship jams. He is, aside from a gospel minister, an MC and a notable ceremony host.

Freke Umoh is quite a literate and intelligent person as he obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of Nigeria. As an event host, Freke Umoh is very well sought after and he's good at what he does.

He often anchors mega concerts and is handsome paid per event he hosts. Freke is happily married with two children to a medial doctor and they live together.