Don Jazzy and P Square: Who is Richer & What's Their Net Worth?

Don Jazzy and P Square: Who is Richer?

Who is richer between Don Jazzy and legendary duo artistes P Square, what is their net worth??. Obviously, these stars are amongst the most influential and popular celebrities in the whole of Africa.

They've won several awards for themselves, have acquired items worth millions, have luxurious vehicles and houses, live big and earn a lot.

They're at the top of music in Nigeria and today, the richest will stand out clearly from the least. Who is richer between Don Jazzy and P Square? Putting it to a vote, we wouldn't still be able to justify facts that'll backup the majority from the vote.

Well, let's see some facts:

Don Jazzy's Net Worth and Endorsement Deals 

Don Jazzy net worth

Don Jazzy is a boss on his won. Frankly, this musician and young enterprising CEO of Mavin Records is one of the most entrepreneurial artiste in the whole of Africa. He's a producer, a singer, a CEO and a music figure.

After the fall of his former music label he formed with award winning singer, D'banj, he created his own record label, Mavin Records, which has grown to become one of the biggest record houses in Africa, consisting of superstars in the Nigeria music industry including Korede Bello, D'Prince, Tiwa Savage and Di'ja

He has penned and endorsed brands for millions of naira including the popular Samsung technology brand and the authority mobile network telecom brand, MTN Nigeria. His record label, Mavin Records is worth over $10 million dollars.

The endorsement deal he signed with Samsung was over N100 million naira in Nigeria currency, and in 2012, a promotion and advertisement deal worth N49 million naira SAS signed with Loya Milk.

Having mentioned these, his deal with MTN was nothing but singed in and worth millions of naira. Don Jazzy has several streams of income, but has made over N2.5 billion naira from music album and single sales.

He's won a number of awards and is regarded as one of the top 40 celebrities in Africa according to Forbes Magazine. Don Jazzy has an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars.

P Square's Net Worth and Endorsement Deals  

P Square net worth

Peter and Paul Okoye are the twin geniuses that comprise the team P Square. For years, these guys have been in he music scene, making things happen.

Collectively, Peter and Paul Okoye have made over N5 billion naira from album sales and single releases. They have fans in Africa and other continents which actually makes them the most popular Nigerian duo singers in the industry.

They're managed by their elder brother, Jude Okoye, who makes things easy for the twins and settles disputes between them. Jude Okoye has been a lifeblood to the team and a cornerstone making success a thing to achieve in unity.

P Square has gone international with their career and has gone to perform in foreign states with thousands in attendance. They own their record label, Square Records, and decide what they want with their music.

The duo has investments and properties worth billions of naira. These properties include their N1.5+ billion naira mansion, their private jet, personal yachts and golden jewelries and accessories worth millions of naira.

They also have endorsement deals worth millions, a notable one of which is their N140 million naira endorsement deal with Globacom. They also possess the most expensive of cars, and their mansion? it's platinum. P Square has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars.

So... Who's richer between Don Jazzy and P Square?