Bun B Net Worth: $3 Million Dollars

Bun B net worth

Bun B is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. He's a Hip-Hop and Religion lecturer and teacher at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and is known as part of the duo music team, UGK.

He was birthed as Benerd James Freeman on the 19th of March in 1973. His birthplace is Port Arthur in Texas, United States of America. With the conglomeration of Bernerd James Freeman and Pimp C as UGK (Underground Kingz), they rose to stardom and gained fame with his music name, Bun B.

This wasn't initially the case as the fame didn't come when they were solo musicians. Their first album, Too Hard to Swallow, contained hits including their first song that was played in corners throughout the US, Pocket Full of Stones.

They follows up with a second album titled "Super Tight", and a third album titled "Ridin' Dirty" was produced and went live. The album, "Ridin' Dirty" charted #2 in 1966 on the R&B Charts and went on the settle on the 15th spot on the Billboard 200 Chart.

After they dropped a fourth album titled "Dirty Money", Bun B's music mate, Pimp C was apprehended and sentenced to jail. This left Bun B with no option but to perform alone at clubs and events where UGK was invited.

He also collaborated with numerous artistes and began working on his new solo tracks. After serious underground work, he dropped the mixtape of Legends and released his debut album which was ranked Top 10 hit.

Fortunately in 2007, Pimp C got back from prison and teamed with Bun B to produce their last studio album titled "Underground Kingz", which was the fifth album of UGK. In the wake of 2008, Pimp C passed away, leaving Bun B a solo artiste.

Bun B dropped a second solo album titled "II Trill' and in 2010, a third album titled "Trill O.G" was released. The American rapper, Bun B is married with two children to Angela Walls.