Zarinah Hassan Net Worth: $18 Million Dollars

Zari Hassan net worth

Zarinah Hassan (popularly known as Zari the Bosslady) is the Kim Kardshian of Uganda and a top female celebrity known for showcasing her lavish lifestyle with an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars.

She's so wealthy, her display of wealth a big thing to talk about. She makes headline news and breaking news for almost everything she does.

Zarinah Hassan is worth over $18 milion US dollars, and she has cars worth over $10 million dollars:

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Most of these cars are not used in the country, they're shipped and ordered by Zari. She reportedly bought a house worth $2 million dollars according to UGMovies44. Some photos from reportedly bought house by Zarinah Hassan are shown below:

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Zarinah Hassan net worth

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...and has a lot of money than the media knows. She doesn't really care what people say about her and her kind of life, all she does is live for happiness and wealth.

Who is Zarinah Hassan?

Zarinah is a Uganda born TV personality, artiste and businessperson birthed on the 23rd of September in 1980. She was raised in Jinji, a region in Uganda. After she moved out of Jinji to Uganda, she began practicing and performing Karaoke.

Surprisingly, Zari is a graduate of Cosmetology from a London University. Being an artiste, she dropped a booming track in 2007 titled "Oliwange".

The single was nominated in the Best East African Video of the Year at the African Channel O Awards. She bagged the Award of the Year in the Diaspora at the Diva Awards 2009.

What's Zari's Origin?

She has a mixed up origin as her Mother's Dad is an Indian man, her Mother's Mum is Ugandan, Her Father's Dad is Somalian and her Father's Mum is a Burundian.

We can infer that she's a Somalian with Indian traits as her Mum is an Indian (Mother's Dad is Indian) and her Dad is a Somalian (Father's Dad is Somalian).

Where is Zarinah Hassan Now?

She's currently residing in South Africa and was married with 3 children to Ivan. Ivan happens to be her Ex-Husband and they already have 3 grownup children.

The duo live in separate houses, and are still under the oath of their marriage as they're not divorced yet.

Zarinah Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Following the separation from her husband, Ivan, she's going out with Tanzanian born African music star, Diamond Platnumz. Their relationship has been on for a while now as she already had a girl child for him.