What Does HushPuppi Do For a Living?

What HushPuppi does for a living

HushPuppi is a Malaysia based Nigerian who never stops doing amazing things. Recently, he has gotten back at a couple of Nigerian musician including KCee and Davido and spent a whole N11.5 million naira on drinks at Quilox Night Club.

This guy is rich, what does your mind tell you, believe it. I'm not going to say anything yet about what he does for living because we all know he went to Malaysia for 4 years and he's back with a lot of cash to waste.

He once was a very poor guy living with his parents in a rented apartment and siblings. He wasn't always this rich, he wasn't having a rich Dad like Davido who is a singer and even if he wasn't a singer, his Dad is pretty wealthy. Hushpuppi and Davido have been the talk of the media as they happen to have a very serious misunderstanding.

This has led to social media turmoil where HushPuppi and Davido exchange blows on the social media network, Snapchat.

What does Ray HushPuppi do for a living? Since he's come from Malaysia, all we've seen him do is showcase wealth and take lavish photos. In a modern Nigerian community, when a guy goes to Malaysia poor and comes back stinkingly rich, what has he gone to do?