P Square Net Worth: $70 Million Dollars

P Square net worth

P Square is a Nigerian duo music crew with an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars. They're currently the richest Nigerian singers according to rankings by Forbes.

The duet singers are actually twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, with Jude Okoye as their manager who happens to be their eldest brother. Being a team is much success already, but being twins, it calls for more attraction and preference.

The R&B and Hip Hop singers started music while they were still in school decades ago and created a music club among their school friends.

After secondary school, they got admitted into a University and performed as a duet their in shows organized within the University and outside it.

The name "P Square" didn't come just at once, they changed and thought of a number of stage names for themselves before the P Square idea came. In 2001, they achieved tremendously in their careers as they bagged an award from a music contest.

The duo artiste have produced about 40 composed songs and six music albums. They are signed under their own label, Square Records, managed by Jude Okoye.

These brothers have gone international with their music as they are recognized not just in Nigeria, not just in Africa, but globally. They've performed in several African countries and also in the American States.

They're wise businesspersons too, having invested in business projects and real estates across Africa and the US.

P Square's house in Banana Ireland, Lagos State, is worth over N1.4 billion naira. They earn about N100 million naira from being representatives of an authority mobile network operator in Nigeria, Globacom.

Perhaps, being the richest would mean having the most expensive and classic fleet of cars, including a Limousine, Sports Cars and so much more flashy and insanely expensive SUVs.

They also have a private jet (that's kind of a big deal) and individual yachts, the latest of iPhones customized and coated in gold and black diamonds and other belongings.

They have successfully paved the way for their kids to enjoy a life free of stress and labour, and have made name for themselves globally.