Olu Jacobs Net Worth: $3.5 Million Dollars

Olu Jacobs net worth

Olu Jacobs is a legendary Nigerian actor with an estimated net worth of $3.5 million dollars. He was birthed on the 11th of July in 1942. Olu Jacobs as gone international with acting as he has also featured in a number of Internationally produced films.

Olu Jacobs bagged the Best Actor in a Leading Role award in 2007 at the Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA). He is a descent of Egbake, as his parents are indigenes of the region too.

The way the inspiration to begin acting came for Olu Jacobs himself is inspiring. He got the hunch when he was privileged to attended an annual concert by Hubert Ogunde at Colonial Hotel in Kano State where he grew up.

After the concert, he was hellbent on studying the rudiments of acting. Weeks later he got a visa prepared and moved to England to get more and know more about acting by studying it, which he did in London, England, at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In the 1970s, Olu Jacobs was casted in a couple of British TV series including Angels, 1990, The Professional, Till Death Do Us Part and others. He also appeared on Michael Codron's presentation of a play (by Tom Stoppard) titled Night and Day, where he portrayed a role as President Mageeba.

In the, he 1890s, on a couple of foreign which involves The Dogs of War. He has appread over 100 Nollywood films and is happily married to Nigerian actress Joke Silvia.