Mohammed Dewji Net Worth: $1.39 Billion USD

Mohammed Dewji is a Tanzanian ex politician, philanthropist, businessman president of MeTL Group with an estimated net worth of $1.39 Billion.
He is the Chief Executive Officer at MeTL. The company was established by his father in 1970's. Currently, the consumer goods production company, MeTL, is run in over 6 Countries in Africa by Dewji and future hopes to expand to broader regions are high. The company, MeTL, is specialized in the production of beverages, edible oil, textile and other products.

When sales price went up for the company in 2015, Dewji significantly had an overflow increase in wealth and hia net worth skyrocketed. He also runs a foundation, Mo Dewji Foundation, established to provide poor children in Tanzania with free scholarships. He actually made a deal of promise to donate half his wealth to philanthropic activities.

Mohammed Dewji was birthed as Mohammed "Mo" Gulamabbas Dewji on the 8th of May, 1975. According to Forbes Magazine 2015, Mohammed Dewji was the 21st richest person in Africa; a position set either decline or appreciate soonest.

He broke a record as the first Tanzanian Billionaire who made it to Forbes Magazine. Mohammed Dewji had served in Tanzania's parliament for 10 years before retiring in 2015. He started serving since 2005, completed his two terms and signed out the Parliament.