How to Activate Endless Supply (Series 2) ▷ Pastor Kayode Bamidele

How to activate endless supply

Jesus wants his Church to be an influential Church, not a mediocre Church. It's not all about coming to Church. It is good to kill enemies, but if that is the whole curriculum of the church calendar, it's a failed Church.

A man of God said; the quality of Pastors is determined by the type of members that he produces, and the type of member that he produces is determined by the type of message that he preaches.

There are three stages of your life and they are the Morning, the Afternoon, and the Evening section, and the worst thing that can happen to you is when you are doing in the afternoon section of your life what you're supposed to be doing in the morning section, and doing in the afternoon section what you're supposed to be doing in the evening section of your life.

Of what use will it be when you build your first house at the age of 60 and 70, how will you enjoy it? We just have this mindset that when you believe in God, just trust God and go to heaven. It's not about just trusting God and going to heaven alone.

Before you get to heaven, what happens here on earth? You're not redeemed to go through earth like somebody suffering, you are redeemed to go through earth in style, in glory, irrespective of where you are now. There is no reverse for your life, you can't go backward.

An aircraft does not not have reverse. Why? Because the manufacturer discovered that when it takes off, there is no need for it to go back. You may be on the ground now, but when you take off, there's no reverse.

Sometimes, if the aircraft need to reverse, there's a machine they use in taking it back, but it looks as if they're dragging it back because it does not have the capability to and all the aircraft understands is to go forward. So don't look down on yourself.

No backwardness, you can't go back. You've gone too far that you can't go back. So, the seed that you sow does not leave your life.

It leaves your hand it leaves your comfort zone and goes into the future to prepare it. There are different kinds of Seed and it is not only money, there are seven different dimensions of seed sowing.

There may be more in the world but what I'm sharing with you are things that came out of deep study and deep thought.

I don't know if anyone have said things like that so you may pick anything tomorrow and see 50 dimensions. But, if you practice these 7 dimensions of seed sowing, you must excel. The number one seed is the seed of money.

The Seed of Money

The seed of money is the seed for increase. Whatever you out money into, it increases.

Plant the seed of money in your business, you will get increase in the business, plant the seed of money in your family, it increases in comfort. The second seed is the seed of honour.

The Seed of Honour

Honour is the seed for promotion. Who you honour determines where you are in life. The first personality you must honour is God and God's servant, you must learn how to do that (Galatians 6 v 6). Life is filled with seed time and harvest.

So you honour God, you honour God, you honour his prophets. You don't keep your good things to yourself and bring left over.

That is not honour. You must understand that that's what God's word says. The third seed is the seed of time.

The Seed of Time

Time is the seed for greatness. Every greatness is processed through the school of time. That's where you find the bible say "in the process of time". What you do with your time determines if you're going to be great or not.

No man is born a failure irrespective of the family you came out from. What you do with your time determines, because time is a seed. You need to learn to plant the seed of time well.

There are people who use time, they are others who waste time and also, people who invest time. You know a poor man by the way the person handles time.

If you are a time waster, you cannot excel. The truth is that; people don't want to hear the truth. An average black man wants to hear that anything he's going through, there is some body responsible.

The lord said to me that he has given me a transformational mandate and that is why I teach what I teach. Transformation starts from your mind, and thinking is an integral part of transformation. Five ways you can invest the seed of time are:

#1: Learning

You must sow the seed of time to learn. You don't just wake up one day and decide on becoming an engineer. Anything you want to become in this life, don't venture it until you learn about it first.

Be an apprentice. Learn. Even spiritual things are learned. So you need to invest the seed of time to learn.

Learn about the business you want to invest in, learn about the work you want to do. Doctors don't wake up one day and start injecting people with the syringe, no, they have been learning.

Those that don't learn and learn very well end up as mediocres. That's why you see someone that didn't learn enter into music is singing rubbish.

Learning makes your manifestation a surprise and a wonder. Understand time is a seed but you plant the seed of time to learn. The day you stop l learning, you start declining.

You must keep learning in your field of endeavor. If you don't keep learning, very soon you will become irrelevant. There are better ways of doing things and learning makes you relevant, even in the next generation.

#2: Thinking

Spend time to think. Thinkers are inventors. You must learn to think. Everything you see in the world today first existed in the mind of someone.

Your mind is not given to you to keep offenses, your mind is given to you to be creative. Your mind is a nation of it's own and that's why it's called Imagination.

Use it to think, but make sure you're thinking about something creative and relevant. Don't think about everything. Think about things that are relevant in your field. That business you're doing, spend time to think about it.

#3: Relationship

Invest time in relationship because no man is an Island. Learn to carry people along, learn to relate. Who are your friends? Are they people that are adding to your life or those that are subtracting from you?

#4: Work

Invest your time to work. These are things you invest time to do. Don't while away time. If you're going to be watching movies, don't watch them to while away time. Watch movies that you can learn from.

Don't let somebody call you at night, because the call is cheap, to while away your sleeping time because the call is free. You should have been sleeping because sleep has a role to play in your life too, but don't sleep away all the time.

Learn to take time to rest, because when you don't rest you will wear out on time when you wear out on time you die early too. You need to learn to balance things. Number 5, spend your time to pray.

#5: Praying

Spend your time to pray.

To be wise is to prepare for the feature. Luke 16 v 8 says the ungodly people look ahead and prepare for the future more than the Godly. That is the reason why 80 to 90 percent of people that are employers, most of them are not born again and even the ones that are born again may not be as spiritual as those that speak in tongues.

Those that speak in tongues and don't look ahead and prepare for the future are those working under them. Jesus said; the children of this world are wiser, they have decided to use their mind than the children of the kingdom.

The ungodly people of this world, they look ahead and prepare for the future more than the children of Light. Children of Light are only concerned about how to make heaven. So they become irrelevant while their on earth.

Children of Light are only concerned about how to fight spiritual battles, and that's the mistake we've been making. Thank God there's a generation of people now that are correcting that mistake, and that's why I'm teaching you things like this now. The number four seed is the seed of kindness.

The Seed of Kindness

Kindness is a seed. Kindness is the seed for continuous favour. Every day of your life make sure you don't treat people anyhow, because you never can tell who is going to help you tomorrow.

What Mephibosheth enjoyed was not because he laboured for it, David said; "is there anyone remaining from the house of Saul that I may show him favour not for his sake but for the sake of the father, Jonathan (2 Samuel 9 v 1).

The father sowed a seed, but the son received the kindness. There are people today that, they don't have the money but their name open doors.

If you have never received any good will, any commendation, any favour by reason of your Father's name, even in your village, then there's a problem with the way your Father lived his life.

What took Joseph from the prison to the palace was a seed of kindness. Everyday of you'd life, make sure you sow a seed of favour.

Think about who you should sow a seed of kindness for, it shouldn't be always all about you. The reason why gospel is hard for some people to preach sometimes is because they lack this act of kindness.

Don't see enemy in everybody. What bought Joseph out was because he sowed a seed of kindness, he interpreted dreams, he didn't work in bitterness. You can't work in bitterness and be kind at the same time. You must learn not to work in bitterness, you must learn it.

Key Scriptures:
Luke 16 V 1
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