How Much Does Mikel Obi Worth in Naira 2018?

Obi Mikel net worth in naira

Mikel Obi is a footballer and one of the Richest in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $85 million dollars. He is a very vibrant and fit personality as a footballer who played both for the Chelsea team and the Nigeria National team. He is currently playing for Tianjin TEDA, a Chinese football club where he's paid £140,000 pounds weekly.

Mikel Obi has a multimillion dollar Mansion in London and he lives there when he's playing for Chelsea. In Nigeria, he also has multimillion naira houses in a few Nigerian States. Obi Mikel made over $20 million dollars in his career with Chelsea, and has made a lot also playing for the Nigeria National team.

He's no small meat in the game of football and he has played in Major league matches where he landed goals and arose as man of the match for both teams. He has an estimated net worth of N30.6 billion in naira.