How I Reached 1000 Page Views Per Day After 7 Months of Blogging

How I Reached 1000 Page Views Per Day After 7 Months of Blogging

Briefly, i'm going to narrate to you a bit of my progress strategy on this blog since after all, you're the reason for this blog. Practically, getting 100 daily page views with a new 1-month old blog these days requires a lot of sharing and blogging especially for news, SEO, and tech blogs.

So, I built this blog, moss9ja, it's just 11 months old now with over 25,000 monthly visits, it's my traffic project and online money making project too.

With millions of blogs on the net, and millions launched monthly, it's kinda difficult to get such an amount of visitors for a new blog without paid adverts. While 1000 page views per day may seem like a little to some bloggers, it's not so easy for some to achieve such little feat.

So, I observed one thing in my field (wealth, lifestyle, business) that everyone wasn't really doing and exploited it with some tools. Moss9ja is at the top for a few terms, and it's on the first page for over 20 short key phrases (not necessarily on the first spot though)

Now what I simply did was create a list of articles that were not written before. There are hundreds of things people aren't doing yet, it's just waiting for you to get it done and meet your goals.

I created a list of 100 post titles after a lot of keyword research using the Google Keyword planner, some of these post titles were already written on but written by low level/low quality and authority sites I was sure to outrank easily.

After that, I wrote original blog posts on the titles, took me about 90 hours of writing altogether, but it was worth it. Then I scheduled them to be published daily, 5 articles per day.

What I got was the result of 200 page views the first 2 days with 10 articles published, and before the 90th article went online, I had already started building links to each posts, at least one real link.

During this time, I checked Google every day to see if my posts were indexed already. The first 3 days, I found nothing about the topics. The fourth day, I found the topics that went online the first day. Before the last day, posts got indexed hourly and not weekly anymore and I was hitting 900 to 1000 views per day. Simple.

After 7 months of blogging and sharing, I learnt that, the more frequently you publish posts, the faster your posts will show up on Google or Bing.

If you've been posting stuffs daily and you stop for a month, you'll be shocked how much traffic you'll lose out on in just one month of passivity, and it's going to take a while of frequent publishing to catch up with past records.