3 Diehard Business Promotion Strategies to Increase Sales and Build Your Brand

Business strategies to make more sales

Nowadays, the business promotion strategies you read on the internet are all the same without practical steps and action-oriented feasibility.

What are you going to do when you discover there's only one result to everything you've been doing? How you feel is understandable, but what next? What's the real thing you're not doing?

These questions have no direct answers accompanying them but wait, there's a way out. Business isn't always flourishing, even after undergoing market survey and research (what others are still doing) and creating your brand name (what every business should do).

I wrote a post for GC trader relating to designing for the future, and in that post, I outlined 4 basic trends to be considered under future design. The trends include relativity, simplicity, smartness and uniqueness.

Now, these trends also affect promotion strategies as you could spend $100 thousand dollars on promotion and get a little $ROI (return in investment). The rule of thumb generally is that there's a different way you could transform your business in weeks with a little fund.

I'm going to be really straight and not keep you here reading this post by outlining 3 A-class methods of business promotion you should consider before promoting your business again and failing:

#1: Promotion on BillBoards & Handbills

Billboards are really huge blockers and are had to get past by without giving a cursory look or a wholly gaze. They're pretty much expensive, but it shouldn't take a million dollars to get one or three.

Here's where the design comes in. When doing this, the purpose of your business should be really spelt out with contact details and also, the location.

Billboards are relevant in all niches or businesses as they make it very easy for you to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, you could organize and beautifully design handbills, locate areas where special or mega events are being hosted.

Don't just walk into the street and start sharing. It's not Evangelism. The idea is simple; make beautiful designs on handbills, include the brand name and then locate ceremonies, like a school matriculation/graduation ceremony, a wedding ceremony and suchlike.

A better feat would be laying emphasis on the words you use, the pictures you use and the call-to-actions on your Billboards/Handbills.

#2: Run Television Adverts

TV adverts could reach millions of people everyday. Most of the successful businesses around today all didn't become overly popular through hard work, but adverts.

A good sample would be JiJi.ng. Jiji advertisements run across all forms of advertising. From TV adverts to YouTube and Google adverts, Jiji exploits it and has become one of the most visited websites.

TV adverts could go a long way in promoting a business internationally, especially when scheduled to displayed every evenings.

#3: Run Adverts on the Internet

Internet adverts are what's really booming these days, but TV adverts would reach a wider range of audience. Online adverts are the adverts run on different social networks, highly trafficked websites and social media.

The most popular form of online adverts are becoming adverts on video sharing and viewing websites like YouTube.

Adverts can also be run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most favourably, Google. Their pretty cheap for all businesses and they pull in customers, but, the more you spend, the more you'll reap

For sure, these 3 tips cover over 20 tips ranging from online advertising to offline advertising. Your business, no matter how beautiful it is, needs promotion to leave the mediocre league.