How to Build a Smaller Brand to the Sky

Building a small Brand

Brands are built with time and famed for either the production of a commodity or delivery of a particular service.
For example, the Apple brand is a mobile technology and digital brand, while McDonald's is yet another brand known for being a shopping mall.

These two brands in reality are mega brands, well established and probably will remain like this and at the top for decades to come. To become a brand, one has to be more than just new and frequent, one has to be creative. Most businesses will run out of business after a year of starting up if they fail to meet the threshold to remain in business.

And how exactly will this be possible. Let's take threshold to be the amount of goods you need to sell or number of visitors you need your blog to meet daily in order for you to be motivated in the business, invest in the business and plan.

The bigger an well organized brands won't let you do this easily. Why? Because they are trusted and famed for lots of things, they're questionable and are mega. They're independent, bold, progressive, active, innovative, but... Slow. Now, there's a disadvantage, sluggishness (and we won't rely on this since not all big brands are sluggishness in making decisions, taking actions and implementing).

The deal Question is; how to grow your small business or yet unknown brand to becoming a bigger and trusted one, right? Yeah so, here's just 5 things you should do to fulfill all righteousness and be on the right path:

#1: Stop Imitation

What small brands do to gain wave and propel further into the fruits and footsteps of success is imitate the established brands. The difference and sad news about the the saying "follow the steps of a millionaire, you'll become a millionaire" is that, it doesn't work. Your stance isn't the same with theirs. For blogs, the bigger brands could publish one post without promotion and get over 50,000 views that day but you could do same and be the only one refreshing the post to get 5 views.

#2: Unfollow the crowd

The term "Unfollow" has become a term for normal use since Facebook adopted it to describe removal of friends from a friends list. Unfollow the crowd. Do what others are not doing. There's always something they're not doing but it will tks you hours, days, weeks or months to observe it, depending on the stiffness and variety of the niche or business. When you try to be different in a community where everyone's trying to be different, you'll find yourself back in the crowd.

#3: Minimize

The truth is; there's no time. There's no time to do too many things, no time to promote too many things, no time to check excesses and plan, no time to even read this post. Minimization is what the big brands don't really do. They get millions of eyeballs per month and any little mistake will leave a choked impression. You're not a perfectionist as this stage but, present well. Your business should be clean with gift packs and freemiums that won't wreck your capital and kick you out of business, but will still go a long way in satisfying your clients. Your blog should be clean and not studded with unimportant plugins and ads. Your content should be too long (long enough to bore your readers to sleep) but be soaked in die-hard, direct details.

#4: Do the Alternation

Since it's a small venture, trying alternation will stick you out and take you really far. Alternation means promotion done on directly opposite platforms. Not until this century and this last decade, brands that sold goods offline and were only offline businesses alone promoted their goods and name (not yet brand) through offline strategies (billboards, flyers, handouts) and on the media, leaving out over 2 Billion prospective audience on the internet. Now, those brands go online and the ones online (blogs, forums, webpages) go offline and use the offline strategies too. This is somewhat innovative as two spheres of reality are met through alternation.

#5: Stay Frequent

Most of the brands that are supposed to world class ventures today are not because they failed to stay consistent. No matter how little the progress you have after everything may be, keep going. Taking myself as an example, I try to compre this blog to some other 10-year old blogs out there on the web and wonder why I'm not measuring on the same level with them before k remember it's just 7 months old. Oh, Apple, Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, Microsoft (these are the big 5 now) didn't become what they have become overnight, it took them Years. So, hang in there.


  1. Thanks for this awesome masterpiece. Building a brand should be the aim of every business person or entrepreneur. Thanks for this.

  2. You're welcome, Henry. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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