Top 5 Things You Should Do With Your Leisure Hours

Time is a mystery and whether you believe this or not, time's not on our side. But somehow, we could game and tame this little mystery, get the best out of it and be equipped.
People will always tell you there's not enough time and there's no time to do what they ought to have done or what they really want to do.

Here's top 10 things you should do with the little free seconds you've got to make sure you don't fall off track into time's vault:

  • Solve (Productive): Solving doesn't mean math here, nope, it means put things together. You don't get to use all the time in the world. So, with those little free spaces from businesses or friends or school, try and solve problems by mentally thinking out what next to do.

  • Rest: Yeah, you've gotta relax. Man dies only once and you don't get to live again. So, relax ur muscles and mind while you still can.

  • Think (Creative): Thinking is part of life but it doesn't put out the freshest of ideas when done "Anytime". Thinking is what you should do more to get the best. I could think for hours and swim to sleep from there. But then, I dream of problem and the solution. Put on your thinking cap!

  • Write (Outline): Not many are great writers, but it's learned. Writing conceives new ideas. No leisure hour should go free uninvested. When you write, you mentally build yourself up and ahead for the future.

  • Talk (Connect): Talk to whom you can while you still can. Make new friends, build stale relationships, clear your mind and stay free talking. No one knows opportunity a good chat with someone may create, only God.
Hopefully, you'll be able to make more use of time than kill with these little logical remedies to be maximizing leisure hours. Time is more valuable than money. Spend money, invest time.