Stop Looking for a Job and Be a Creative Innovator

Just like the title says, stop looking for a job, create one. The thing is, jobs won't make you stable. For how long will you keep living off monthly stipend? Will it put your name on Forbes list? No.
Obviously, no employee's name has entered the Forbes list because, they're all paid servants.

No matter where you're working or for what company you're working, you can't truly achieve your dreams if it's a great one. I'm urging all Nigerians and youths, even the married unemployed or job seekers to start a business.

There's something missing in your environment, something no one is doing yet and it's just waiting for you to tap in and exploit. More than half of the world's population are living a mediocre life. In the developing countries like Nigeria, the situation is even worse.

Formal education is taken as the ultimate, replacing passion. Have you heard people saying "make your passion your profession"? Yes it works because what you love doing, you'll develop something new in it and become unique in no time.

Where education replaces passion, it becomes boring, leads to laxity and then, unproductivity steps in. There's always somewhere to start from, a don't think all about the money alone, think about the genuity and brand you'll be building when you start. Just think and you'll realize you've been missing out on a lot of easy cash.