Omoni Oboli Net Worth: $400,000 USD

Omoni Oboli is an actress, a mother, producer, and scriptwriter. She has an estimated net worth of $400,000. Omoni Oboli refused to honour Hollywood's offer to act a nude
role, leaving $500,000 as the reward for her role in a movie with a budget of about $40 Million. After she turned down the offer, more doors opened up and today she's a nationwide actress earning and respected more than some who would've taken the offer without futher thinking and well, are not so popular.

The star actress has featured in outstanding movies like "Bent Arrows" and "The Figuring" which brought her and has kept her in the spotlight. She's a multiple award winning actress as she won "Best Actress — Narrative Feature" at the Los Angeles Movie Award in 2010, was nominated in 2011 for the "Best Actress in a Leading Role" at AMAA (Africa Movie Academy Award) in 2011, won the "Best Actress" at Harlem International Film Festival and won the "Big Screen Actress of the Year" at the ELOY Awards in 2014.

Omoni Oboli was birthed on April 22, 1978 and has featured in award winning movie, "Being Mrs Elliot". She has also featured in popular movies like "Wives on Strike" and "The First Lady". She's highly skilled and talented a a digital filmmaker a the New York Movie Academy.