Neil Patel Net Worth: $30 Million Dollars

Neil Patel is a prolific blogger, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars. He's the founder of two giant digital marketing blogs, and He's also cofounded brands and softwares like Crazyegg, Hello Bar and KissMetrics.

He's also a viral guest blogger, whose content has been featured on mega blogs like Forbes. He helps companies rake in more revenue by driving more customers to them and increasing their sales. Neil Patel announced that he'd be making $100,000 from a niche he was not familiar with in a challenge he started of recent.

Interestingly, he was going to do this without utilizing any of his connections as a big time blogger. In the first 12 months, be generated over $100,000 from sales. He got $121,492.65 in total revenue with over 200k visitors to a blog he started on an entirely strange niche without harnessing his bank of exposure tools.

Neil Patel has helped super companies like NBC, HP, Viacom and Amazon to generate more revenue. He's one of the top 10 internet marketers of this century and a top influencer on the web.

His blogs, and are worth millions of dollars distinctively and gets over 250,000 visits monthly. Neil Patel was recognized by the United Nations and the former US president, Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneur under age 35 and 30 respectively.

Neil Patel was born in London, England on the 24th of April, 1985. His Parents moved to Orange County while Neil was age 2. He's currently based in Seattle, Washington DC, United States, from where he runs several ventures and companies online.