Mercy Johnson Net Worth: $2 Million Dollars

Net worth of Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is a talented Nigerian actress with an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. She is famed for her ability to perfectly portray any major role in movies. Her name was on the lips of millions of people when she started acting.

She puts in reality to the manuscripts given to her, and acts it better. Her first movie, "The Maid", was produced in 2004 and ever since then, she has become a legendary actress in the movie industry.

Mercy Johnson has an exotic home in Ajah worth millions, several investments and landed properties in the city of Lagos. She is paid heavily for each movie, charging over N2 million naira per movie.

Mercy Johnson was birthed in 1984, August 28 in Lagos State as Mercy Johnson Okojie. She is the 4th of 8 children in the family, and is an indigene of Okene, Kogi State.