How to Activate Endless Supply (Series 1) ▷ Pastor Kayode Bamidele

How to activate endless supply

It is good to travel abroad but that is not the only way to be blessed. God can bless you even in the land where you are. Every of your movement should be by divine direction.

It is not about the location where you are, it is how connected you are with divine allocations.

Dwell where God says you should be. Divine direction is important. Don't ever blame predicament on your location, don't blame it on your leaders. It is not a function of the Nigerian leaders. Don't even blame it on your education.

Success is not dependent on education; follow the leading of God for your life. The best thing to do during recession and during hardship is not to pray, but to sow. Prayer can never take the place of sowing.

The principles of sowing is a universal principle and that is why you must benefit the profit of reaping when you sow. Spiritual guidance is better than professional advice.

What you lack most is what you should give the more. Abraham wanted children, all God did to Abraham was to take his son. God took one son from Abraham and gave him a nation.

Why? What he lacked most was what God wanted him to give. So, in the period of recession, what you need to do is to give what you lack most for you to step into your next level.

When you give what you lack most, God enjoys it and blessed you. Principles are universal and they produce results wherever they're applied.

The principle of sowing and reaping is a universal principle, the principle of gravity is also a principle and that is why they work everywhere on earth.

God blesses giving people more than praying people. Sowing is not only in terms of money, there are different ways of sowing.

For this reason, every type of seed you sow has the ability to multiply after its kind. Some people are sowing in prayers, but prayers does not bring money.

You can't sow seed in prayers and expect to have money, it will be deceitful. Lack of provisions will lead to praying stupid prayers and generating irrelevant prayer points.

When money is available, there will be reduction of prayer points and answers to a lot of things. According to Bishop David Oyedipo, you're not a millionaire if you can not affect a million people.

Every seed generates after its kind and that is why a mango tree cannot bring forth orange fruits. Every seed will produce after its kind and that is why sowing is not all about money.

But the number 1 I'm teaching on is seed of money. God gives you money, not for you to keep it. He gave you money for you to exchange it.

Money is not greater than the blessing because a man can have money and not be blessed. You sow your money to get the blessing. The first seed you need to sow is the seed of money.

Some people spend money buying what they don't need, buying costumes and they don't spend money on the real thing.

When you get to your house, sit down and write "what do I spend money on" and it will amaze you that you have been spending money on costumes.

As money was given to you to exchange, you should make sure that you are exchanging it for the right things.

People blame different factors for their misfortune. Even witches get frustrated when you're persistent, so you have no excuse to not succeed.

Key Scriptures:
Genesis 26
Genesis 8 V 22
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1 King 17 V 9