Goodluck Jonathan Net Worth: $105 Million Dollars

Goodluck Jonathan net worth

Goodluck Jonathan is the former president of Nigeria with a net worth of $105 Million dollars. He is a very prominent politician, and his tenure as president of Nigeria was considered as what has been ordained by God for the Nation.

Goodluck Jonathan has a net worth of $105 Million as he didn't become a politician this year and has several channels of income aside the running tap from politics.

As we well know that politicians are not paid infinitesimally in Nigeria, even the least politician in the senate house could be earning more than 3 lecturers with Professorate combined. He has a chain of businesses in his hometown in Bayelsa state and as well, other parts of the country.

The cash value of Goodluck Jonathan assets, not including his wife, Patience Jonathan's collective assets, are running in to millions in US dollars. He was a onetime deputy Governor of Bayelsa State and also, Governor of the State after a while.

Goodluck Jonathan was born as Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan on November 20, 1957, in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He's a B.Sc. Degree holder in Zoology, holds an M.Sc. in Hydrobiology and also a Ph.D in Zoology.

He also holds an M.Sc. in Fisheries Biology. Obviously, Goodluck Jonathan is a staggeringly intelligent with all the degrees and earns more money than most Nigerians even in politics.

He is one of the most influential politician as he is an healthy, quite young ex Nigerian president alive. Goodluck Jonathan is married to one of Nigeria's most influential women, Dame Patience Jonathan, and they have two children.