Dr. Cindy Trimm Biography

Biography of Cindy Trimm

Dr. Cindy Trimm is a prolific speaker, author, and ex senator of Bermuda. She had a really wide vision for global economic and social development. She also doubles as a revolutionary and transformational leader and empowerment specialist.

Dr. Trimm was listed among the Power 100 of Ebony Magazine and a major influencer in the planet. She has been a problem solver and social engineer to nations.

She utilizes her knowledge in social and human development and governmental, educational, psychological background to convey practical spiritual truths that will enable individuals upgrade their living standard and community wherein they live.

Dr. Cindy Trimm Ministry does well more than just passing sermons, engaging in medical missions, shelter, resourcing the needy and food relief. She joins hands with several other minded partners in the world to ensure her dreams come true.

She has written well over 44 books have sold over 1 million copies of her two bestsellers titled "Commanding Your Morning" and "The Rules of Engagement". Her most recent books, "PUSH", "The Prosperous Soul" and "Prevail" are gaining popular grounds rapidly.

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