Designing for the Future: Trends We Need To Consider

The future is now, like what most people would say. But what exactly is the future? Well, the future turns out to be a mystery in itself as changing circumstances tend to cause a tweak.

Being business minded, design is all broad and about beautiful stuff now, contemporarily, but some of the smartest companies are not considering anymore, they're implementing.

You need to have a brand, and a flag to your business. How will your customers see you, how can they recognize you, what's your brand, what's your market?

The only thing that makes a business intensely successful is a brand, and there's no brand without a logo, a flag, a sketch your audience will love you for. Let's look at Google (the big G):

Google has a brand, the colourful G. It has one of the simplest brand on earth, but yet, it's the second most valuable company on earth with billions spent on advertising alone.

Okay, let's take a look at Apple, the most valuable brand with technological advantages over Google:

You see, there's always that captivating apple sign like the one Eve passed on to Adam in the garden of Eden.

Coca Cola is another master planner:

The stylishly written "Coca Cola" appears on every product and that's how I know a coke drink when I see one.

McDonald's makes it even easier to understand. The company is worth billions and is one of the top 10 most valuable brands according to, yet, its brand logo is a clean, plum "M":

Looking at the past and comparing what was to what is right now, things are becoming smarter nd simpler, you brand should hold on to that paradigm shift too. The trends to consider here are:

#1: Simplicity

The top 10 biggest and richest brands have simple brandings or labels (call them logo). You don't have to use every colour on earth to appear nice and attractive. Less is more.

#2: Uniqueness

No two brands have the same labels, this will definitely be misleading to your customers or people who would want to locate you through the internet, image search or want to describe your logo verbally. It's gonna be quite difficult because, somehow, you copied and you're not unique.

#3: Relativity

Surely, this is relevant. Relativity is the relationship between the services you offer and the brand logo you're actually using.

You wouldn't want to buy a car from a company whose logo is a black axe across a snake, or would you? Obviously not.

So, design on your logo should smartly be related to the services you offer or your brand name. For example, McDonald's logo is a letter "M"representing McDonald's.

#4: Smartness

Everything about you enterprise should be smart. Nobody wants to read a load of chunk text on the front page of your business website, nobody wants to spend a minute decoding your brand logo, nobody wants to waste time and that's the more reason you've got to be smart about everything, including your logo design.

Design is everything. It speaks, it teaches and most of all, it sells. I give you a task, learn from the brands on board, they usually have simpler, smarter and more unique designs.