Denilson Igwe Net Worth: $110,000 USD

Denilson Igwe is a Nigerian comedian and cofounder of "Mark Angel Comedy". He was given birth to in the southeast region of Nigeria. He has a calculated net worth of $110,000.
In 2013, Denilson contributed to the growth of the very popular Comedy House, "Mark Angel Comedy" by suggesting they started their own media company. Emmanuella was barely 3 years then and the whole idea was put together when Emmanuella turned 5.

Denilson Igwe's roles in all skits are rib-cracking and for this reason, he has gotten equal fanbase with Mark Angel and Emmanuella. In 2016, Denilson Igwe bought a brand new automobile worth over N5 Million. He is heavily paid per event bookings and also earns a lot from monetized YouTube videos.

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