William Ding Net Worth: $21.2 Billion Dollars

William Ding is a Chinese businessperson with an estimated net worth of $21.2 billion dollars. He contributed immensely to the establishment of computer networks in mainland, China.

Lei was looking into investing in the property sector in the fall of 2016. He travelled to Zimbabwe in December and to the United Kingdom.

William Ding was born in Fenghua, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He's a graduate of Chengdu College of Electronics Science and Technology which is now the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China and there he got his Bachelor's degree.

He worked in a local sate department in Ningbo after his graduation as an engineer. He further went to work for Sybase at Guangzhou. He became the richest person in the Chinese mainland after he founded NetEase in the year 2003.

William Ding currently owns 45% of NetEase in addition to being the founder.

There has been an increase in revenue level for the company of recent due to the development and launch of some online games in China like the Kung Fu Master, Heroes of Tang Dynasty II, Soul of the Fighter and World of Warcraft.