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Wati Ehidiamen biography

Wati Ehidiamen's Biography

Wati is an upcoming gospel musician and songwriter from Edo State. She's one of the singers who travel across the country to bless lives and minister in worship at mega church programmes and concerts.

Officially known and birthed as Omozuwati Ehidiamen, her name, Wati, was curled from her first name apparently.

She is a native of Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria. Wati Ehidiamen was born into a family of nine and she is the last child in the family.

She began singing beautifully at age 9 and has since developed her vocal abilities and grown her passion and love for music and God. Songs by Wati include:

Na Only Me Dey 

The song by Wati is a reality that sometimes we feel we're the only one around and that there's nobody else, we forget that there's someone watching over us.

This indeed is true as the normal or rather, the average person doesn't have this God consciousness; the feeling that there's someone watching over them or looking at them and that's why they do all sort of thing evil things with a dead conscience.


Abeg by Wati got several airplays and was massively accepted. It's perhaps one of the coolest gospel tune on her list of songs. Wati's songs are gospel and in fact, ruggedest.

Other songs by Wati include "Gyration", "Gurnish" and "In My Head". Wati has also done music recording with some of the best and most brilliant instrumentalists in the City of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

She's beautiful, young, godly, talented and respectful. She earns from being a gospel musician and also is paid when invited to minister at Churches.

One of the many things that has actually fostered the name of this gospel artiste is her ability to hit high pitches and to vocally manoeuvre normal worship songs into something else that could make the average pagan receive salvation. Wati is set to hit global soon.