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Tekno Miles' Biography, Net Worth, History, Profile, Age, Awards and Endorsement Deals


Tekno Miles is one of Nigeria's most instrumental artiste, whose style of music will make you move no matter how sad you were. Tekno Miles is all about the music basically, and all his songs happen to just be hit songs. From "Duro" to "Rara", you know the list. Of course, he's super talented and his room, yeah, his room is studded with so much musical instruments enough to start up a studio recording venture. Tekno Miles learnt Music at a very tender age, and this has helped him scale through the practical rules of music vibes and rhythmic sounds; making it really easy to produce hit songs frequently. A lot refer to him as the "Nigerian Chris Brown" because of his unique choreographic skills and voice.



  • BIRTH NAME — Augustine Miles Kelechi
  • OCCUPATION — Singer, Dancer, Songwriter & Producer
  • STATE OF ORIGIN — Ebonyi State
  • BIRTH STATE — Bauchi, Bauchi State
  • BIRTH DATE — December 17, 1992
  • RELATIONSHIP — Unmarried
  • SPOUSE —
  • CURRENT LABEL — Made Men Music Group (TripleMG)
  • ACTIVE SINCE —  2012
  • STAGE STYLE — Hilarious
  • STAGE NAME — Tekno Miles
  • DISPLAY NAME — Alhaji Tekno
  • NET WORTH — N250 Million ★



Tekno Miles (Augustine Miles Kelechi, also known as Alhaji Tekno) is a native of Ebonyi State, but was born in Bauchi State on the 17th of December, 1992. He fell in love with music at a tender age, so his parents enrolled him in a music school at 8, then and there he learnt to play the guitar and piano effectively. Tekno grew up in some Northern States like Abuja, Nassarawa and Kaduna as his Dad was a member of the Nigerian army.


Alhaji Tekno's first music imprint was K-Money Entertainment and he released his first single - "Holiday" - under K-Money Entertainment.

Holiday was a hit back then, it was widely accepted especially for the fact that a talented artiste like Davido (David Adeleke Adedeji) was featured in the song. From the start until now, "Holiday" still makes the Top 10 list of Tekno Mile's hit singles.

Back in 2012, Tekno Miles performed astoundingly his remix of Ice Prince's "Oleku" which was titled "Onye Me Kwu" at an event after which he received a standing ovation. After the event, he got to meet Popular comedian -Julius Agwu, talented artiste - Iyanya, and the Boss at Made Men Music Group (TripleMG). They eventually became friends afterwards. Being friends, Ubi Franklin and Iyanya convinced Tekno Miles to move to Lagos and continue his music career there in Lagos, which he did.

On the 5th of October 2013, Alhaji Tekno Miles signed a music deal with TripleMG. He released the singles "Anything" and "Dance" under the TripleMG music imprint which bagged him a nomination in 2014 for the "Best New Act of the Year" award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2014. On the 18th of June, 2015, the vibrant artiste released a market-breaking song which he titled "Duro". "Duro" became a household song in mega clubhouses across the country and was played like the National Anthem for most people.

The remix was played out on the 16th of November, 2015, which featured artistes Flavour N'abania and Phyno. The hit song - "Duro" was a product of DJ Coublon's musically artistic work, it sat on the first spot on various national and international music charts. "Duro" skyrocketed Tekno Miles. The song claimed the 5th spot on Capital XTRA's "Afrobeats Chart: Top 10" in 2015 for September. On the 20th of November, 2015, Tekno Miles pushed out another hit song titled "Wash", produced by DJ Coublon. The Video was also produced alongside and was directed by AJE Films.

In 2016, Tekno Miles produced the song that took him places - " Pana". "Pana" is a love song with powerful lyrics, the video was a blast too which got him nominations for the "African Video of the Year", "Best African Male Video", "Best West African Video" and "Best Afro Pop Video" at the WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards. The song outranked hundreds of reigning hit (and non-hit) singles at the time and wherever the song was played, people stopped to listen. He spined out other singles like "Diana", "Tender" and "Rara" just before the fall of the year 2016.



Tekno Miles' net worth stands currently at N250 Million. He has close to N100 Million worth of cars in his possession including an
Acura MDX which was worth N17.6 Million, a BMW X6 worth over N24 Million and a Mercedes Benz CLS 550 which is worth about N30 Million. His endorsement deal which he signed with MTN on August 18, 2015, is worth about N15 Million to N18 Million.




Listening to Tekno Miles' songs, you'll easily observe the complex, relaxing, yet amazing rhythm and sounds his songs feature. He's an instrumentalist, an all-round music player, his experience and talentS speak through his songs. He has a way of making people love his songs no matter what. He has a trick, yet natural, but purely musically scientific. You can hardly pick a Nigerian artiste who kills it to the top of the chart every time with every song he releases. Tekno does that. You never know what else he's going to drop until he drops it. Simply, Tekno's style of Music is Inspirational and bluntly hilarious. The youngster does all kinds of music, except for rap songs, his songs are easily danced to (exactly what Nigerians love). For Performance style, Tekno tries to look good for his fans and go wild on stage. In a gig he did in Liberia, a female fan fainted just to touch him; pointing to how cool and wild his performance sway. Back into his music style, he does all kinds of music with exception to rap. Tekno is fair in complexion, reason why he's called the "Golden boy of Africa" after his blonde hairstyle came in.



In 2014, Tekno Miles was nominated for "Best New Act of The Year" at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards event.

In 2015, he snapped the "Best Pop Extra Video" and was nominated for "Hottest Single" at the 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards event.

In 2016, the "Rara" singer was also nominated for both "Best Music Video of the Year" and "Afropop Artist of the Year" at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards event.

In 2016, he won the "Best New Act" at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2016 event.

Still in 2016, Tekno Miles Kelechi was nominated for "African Video of the Year", "Best African Male Video", "Best West African Video", and "Best Afro Pop Video" at the WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards event.


Augustine Kelechi (Tekno Miles) was born in Bauchi state and was raised in different parts of the country. He started music at a very tender age. He isn't yet married but believes a man could have several lovers before marriage - he called it enjoyment. He puts on a really calm look, funny, creative and most of all, talented.


The ace singer, who drops hit like other bobbling Nigerian singer has had a few discomforting moments, trials and hard times too (like other artistes). Here a few of the most observed controversial behaviors that have been put up by Tekno Miles since he began a music star to reckon with in Africa:

The Headies "Next Rated" disqualification

The singer was disqualified from The Headies "Next Rated" award last year (2016) because he ranted about the nomination on social media and refused to attend any interview. Mr Eazi took his shinning spot as the next rated artiste of the year (beating out Ycee and others). Well, during this time, he lost fans who felt he over hyped his musical prowess.

Instagram video showoff

In an Instagram video shared by Alhaji Tekno, he mentioned that he's far better than all other Nigerian artistes (which is just a knock off). He captioned the video “I produce fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾. King of my own sound #gethigh #win.”. Below are some of the harsh lines he said in the footage:

“Imma tell you all fucking somethin’, Imma tell you all somethin’
This is why i’m better than you, better than you, better than you, better than fucking you.
You know why? Because i’m better than you. Listen.
This is what I’m working on. Imma let you all in on what I’m fucking working on right now.
See, let me show you somethn’.”

Sex scandal with Tanzanian celebrities

He again was blasted by his Tanzanian fans who said he had sex with some Tanzanian Celebrities. This was really because he had some photos uploaded and it gave his Tanzanian fans the idea that something had occurred behind the scene:


The photos uploaded to Instagram were later deleted by the "Pana" crooner and apologies to his fans were made.


Here are excerpts from a few interviews that revealed much about Comedian Akpororo:

Interview with Kiss FM's Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru

On July 8, 2016, Tekno Miles revealed in an Interview with Kiss FM's Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru that he has always loved Kenya "yearned" to go back to Kenya.

He said:
“I’ve always loved Kenya and I’ve yearned to come here so much. I’m happy with how my music and other artists music is receiving airplay here and its a huge deal,”

Interview with ECOMIUM Weekly

In an interview with ecomium weekly, the young star artiste revealed how he snubbed Jim Iyke and others to join Triple MG, what stands him out as an artiste, his relationship status, who his influences are in music, he revealed a lot about his family, about school an studying online, and lastly, about his blonde hair look. Read the excerpts below:

ECOMIUM Weekly: What type of music do you play?

"Basically, I sing music. I won’t say one pattern or the other but in Nigeria you know how it is, you have to sing a song that people can jump up to. Whatever music it is, I sing music."

ECOMIUM Weekly: You’re saying you can do all kinds of music?

"I can do whatever. I’m not going to rap, but I can sing whatever, yeah."

ECOMIUM Weekly: What stands you out as an artiste?

"I think my biggest selling point is my stage craft. I also try my best and look good for the ladies and look good for the people and try and keep a lifestyle that the youth would want to live up to, me looking good and being on stage to do what I do best."

ECOMIUM Weekly: How did you find your way into music?

"Basically, I’ve been playing the piano since I was eight. My dad enrolled me for piano classes, so I didn’t just start singing, I learnt music from childhood. I actually play the basic instruments like the piano, the guitar and drums. Music is a way of life, I’ve been in music and I will always be in it."

ECOMIUM Weekly: Under what management were you before signing for Triple MG?

"I was with K-Money. K-Money is an amazing person, a kind of person that if any artiste finds his way into his management, the person should just thank God. He’s a person that can go to any length for you. Now I’m in Triple MG and it’s amazing."

ECOMIUM Weekly: Did you have any other offers before you joined Triple MG?

"I had some offers. I had from Pukano Music, from Jim Iyke, from a lot of people. There was also this guy that owns Tetrazzini or so, called Prince. There were offers from several quarters but whatever was meant to happen would happen for the best and I believe it’s God who guides my footstep because whatever you do, you acknowledge God, all the way. God has been there leading me through the right path. Wherever I find myself right now, it’s not by my talent or by whatever I think I can do but I think somehow, God shows the way and I take the right path."

ECOMIUM Weekly: Why did you choose Triple MG?

"I won’t say there’s a reason I joined but I must state that Triple MG is a family, a home, a place where you’re in and no one feels like he’s a star. I’m with Iyanya, Ubi, Basci and Emma Nyra and it’s an amazing thing because we can all relate quite easily. I’ve actually known Iyanya for a while, we weren’t that close but you know, if in five years from now, you asked me if I would join Triple MG, I’ll say yes. If you asked me two years back, I’d say yes. So I’m here because it’s meant to happen."

ECOMIUM Weekly: When exactly did you sign for Triple MG?

"It was a gradual process, but it just finally occurred. It is still going to be made official."

ECOMIUM Weekly: So how’s the experience been in the house since joining?

"The experience is amazing, recording with Iyanya in the studio, going out for shows, being in the house, watching football, playing soccer and winning everybody in the house as a bad man wey I be, I’m happy I’m here".

ECOMIUM Weekly: What do you hope to achieve with your new family?

"I’m going to go round the world with Triple MG, we’ll play good music, and make a lot of money. A lot of people say they do music for the love and not the money but on my part, I’m doing music for the love but I’m going to make a lot of money because if there’s no money involved, I don’t think there’s any use putting your time, energy and talent in it. You won’t tell me you are doing it for the love then you’ll be doing free shows. With Triple MG, we are going to make history".

ECOMIUM Weekly: How long is your contract for?

"It will be made official".

ECOMIUM Weekly: How many official singles did you have before joining Triple MG?

"I’ve dropped two singles, Holiday featuring Davido and Onyenekwu, the original Onyenekwu and the remix featuring Ice Prince and the video is coming out soon under Triple MG".

ECOMIUM Weekly: So what should music lovers expect from you?

"Oh my Lord, there are things coming your way. I’m not going to say when but just know that your favourite boy Tekno with Triple MG are coming hard".

ECOMIUM Weekly: Who are your influences in music?

"It’s Chris Brown. He’s just a character I love".

ECOMIUM Weekly: Tell us about your family?

"There is really nothing much to say. My dad and my mum, I have five brothers and one sister. One of my brothers actually passed, so I have four brothers now".

ECOMIUM Weekly: You’re from which State?

"I’m from Ebonyi State".

ECOMIUM Weekly: Have you fully moved to Lagos now or you’re still shuttling Abuja and Lagos?

"I’m in Lagos fully, I am a Lasgidi boy now. I was previously based in Abuja and I conquered the city. I’m the biggest artiste out there. If you go there and say Tekno, they’ll say yeah, that’s the man and I’m thankful to God for that. It’s ABJ to Lasgidi and from Lasgidi it’s going to be around the world and I’m keeping it real".

ECOMIUM Weekly: What about school?

"I’m studying online, that’s it for now".

ECOMIUM Weekly: Is your girlfriend moving to Lagos with you?

"There’s no girlfriend now".

ECOMIUM Weekly: What’s your look about, the blonde hair and all?

"There was a time they used to call me the golden boy. The golden boy was there before the hair, somehow it just happened. I tried it out, it made a lot of sense, that’s the hair I was rocking in Holiday video and I went back to the black hair and everyone was like no way, you have to come back to your blonde and all that and I brought it back. The look is great, a lot of people love the look and I’m going to bring you guys a lot of swag".


Tekno Miles worked so hard musically until he was noticed by his first music imprint boss - K-Money in Abuja. With K-Money, hustling alone and suffering in the dark stopped. Tekno Miles was handed a car, a house and also a new life. K-Money invested in his talent, shot a video that cost about N3 Million. Although he was already a known artiste under K-Money, he came fully into limelight when he signed a new music contract with TripleMG. Till now, he's seen as the perfect replacement for Iyanya (who withdrew from the TripleMG imprint and signed a contract with Mavin Records). Hit singles like "Pana", "Wash", "Where", "Duro" and "Tender" has given Tekno Miles a sphere, a space and a place in the Nigeria Music Industry.


  • On the 18th of August, 2015, Tekno Miles signed an endorsement deal with telecommunications giant - MTN.

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